Saying goodbye

When you think of going abroad to study it sends chills down your spine.You tend to get excited with the thought of it. When reality hits you that you are really leaving everything behind and going to study there then cue the anxiety.

Hello world, here I come.

Oh God!!!Help me.

Kyiv is a beautiful city, being the capital of Ukraine, it holds a lot of culture, is what I have heard. But I will have to wait to witness it until I get there this month.

“Adrenaline rush” is the word, that I will give you when you ask me how I feel. I am scared, not the bad kind, to be precise but mostly scared of not being able to see my family and friends for a long, really long time.

Six years is a lot of time.

A lot changes when you are away and my little cousins may not even recognise me when I come back. But that has the least of my worries, what worries me the most is that, I may not be there when my family needs me the most.

My family, they are so worried about me. Well who wouldn’t worry about their children leaving their nest and learning to fly??

My mother tears up every time the topic about me leaving comes up. But I can’t stay in my comfort bubble forever now can I???

As the fear of leaving home and saying goodbye to everyone I know is making me more and more axnious, I feel that I am finally ready now and as I go, hope and prayer is all that I can take with me to the place that I am going for the least of six years. And I know that it will keep me safe.

“Have courage and be kind” and everything will be alright.


Take your time.

Living in a modern world,where so many things happen in just a split second  for sure is a challenge.Nowadays, the tendency of  us humans to multitask has increased so much,that we miss more important things in life when we are too busy catching up on other unimportant things all at once.

Take your time. What is all the rush for???Even a simple thing like swallowing and breathing cannot be done at the same time so, how can you expect yourselves to do everything at once???All great achievements takes time.So,the next time you feel knackered by all the disappointments in your life,always remember that the important thing is to take your time and not get stressed.

As they say ”Rome was not built in a day“,the same way you cannot expect to get success the same day you start. It takes time and one must be willing to take time because when you take your time great things happen.

Success is sure to come to those who are willing to take time and wait.And waiting is not something that everybody is very good at.Well at least not me!!! but as we walk the path of our lives,we must learn to be glad in whatever situation we are in because it is either a”BLESSING” or a “LESSON“.

“Give it some time because time heals” they say, but yet, we tend to cling to one thing that, in the long run may or may not be as important to us anymore.So,what is the point???It is better to take our time and at least for once, forget about all the expectations that you are told to live upto or the disappointments that you may or may have caused.What for ???Is it all just for taking your time???

Learn to embrace the chaos and give in to the truth that life is not always a bed full of roses.Do not expect that there will always be a signboard in your life directing the way you should go.You will get lost in the way and that is good because once you take your time and find the way, it will be much better as you will know the way, the best you’ve ever known.And amongst all these always remember to take your time. Catch your breath and take your time.

*Thank you all for reading my post.If you have any questions about my blog or have any kind of suggestion about what I should be writing next, you can always mention it on the comment section or your can email me your ideas.*

Competitive exams!Does it really do justice???

In today’s world that we are living in,nothing exists without a competition.There always will be one thing or the other that we are willing to fight with in order to prove our fact or simply putting it,to prove that we are worthy of the victory.

Take the exact same thing and apply it to the education system and you will be looking right through the education system of today’s world.COMPETITION.This one word,that changed the face of education completely.With competition came the competitive exams and it brought with it a lots of extras such as pressure among the students,an agent that completely blew up the stress level that a student has to face unnecessarily.

I myself being a pre-med student,have a full access to something that I never wanted.Dreaming of becoming a doctor as a child is just as easy as dreaming to be one when you are of age,excluding the bitter truth that this time you realize that a single page will decide your worth.

Every field has competition.No matter how small or big it may be,your final result in it decides whether you have been correct all along or you were just being played to be a fool by your own dreams.Competitive exams happen to take away all the rights of many deserving candidate just because of some stupid mistake one makes while marking the bubble.

How bizzarre is it that all the hardwork you have done will just be a sweet  amnesia if you are not able to circle the correct bubble???What if you have all that you need inorder  to be that one deserving candidate but your hands worked the wrong way???What if the one whose paper decided that he was the worthy candidate,is actually someone who crammed up everysingle thing that he could just for that one day and after that it is all gone out of his brain.What then???

Life as we know it

Life as we know it,is not all flowers and candies.”HARDSHIPS”is what we face most of the time and when it comes to being a student it is a word that we must adjust ourselves into.Hardwork,perseverance,discipline,patience.These are some of the qualifications that are needed to be labeled as”THE BEST ONES”.But what if we lack these???Are we the”BAD ONES”???People often tend to label students in these two categories.During my high school days I was made known that in order to be remembered,a student must be extremely “GOOD”,so good,that his/her parents will be ‘escorted’to the principal’s office so that they will know how good their ward is .If it is not the case,then one has to be extremely bad,so bad,that their parents will be called to be warned that their ward is a problematic kid.But the real question here is, what about the mediocre???Who pays attention to them?Who pays attention to all the hard work that he does that somehow,does not pay off?What about all the times that he sacrificed in order to get an average score??Who is there to tell them that even they will be remembered???The situation of a mediocre is exactly what I want to bring into light.

My story

Well this being my first blog ever,I am pretty sure it is going to be the worst.Trust me I am going to improve if you give me a chance.So here I am telling you about how I got into blogging.I am a big YouTube fan as in the sense I can watch vlogs for hours at a stretch.I always wanted to be a vlogger but given that I had a poor location and no equipments at hand I had to give up.I actually am a shy person so facing a camera was going to be major work and a challenge but little did I know that I could do what I loved without being visual or having to face the camera.Thats when I realised that all along I was unaware of something called “Blogging”.So here I am writing down my encounter with blog.The reason that I am writing this is because there might be thousands of people like me  who have had the problem that I had  but it should not stop you from doing what you love.You could do what you love in many different ways and trust me one day you will make it if you keep on trying.It is correctly said when there is a will there is a way.So many of you who are facing the same kind of situation that I was in before try and find the most creative alternative that you possibly can and let the passion inside you make the world stand in awe of you.Be creative.Be imaginative.Be focused and be positive.