Living in a modern world,where so many things happen in just a split second  for sure is a challenge.Nowadays, the tendency of  us humans to multitask has increased so much,that we miss more important things in life when we are too busy catching up on other unimportant things all at once.

Take your time. What is all the rush for???Even a simple thing like swallowing and breathing cannot be done at the same time so, how can you expect yourselves to do everything at once???All great achievements takes time.So,the next time you feel knackered by all the disappointments in your life,always remember that the important thing is to take your time and not get stressed.

As they say ”Rome was not built in a day“,the same way you cannot expect to get success the same day you start. It takes time and one must be willing to take time because when you take your time great things happen.

Success is sure to come to those who are willing to take time and wait.And waiting is not something that everybody is very good at.Well at least not me!!! but as we walk the path of our lives,we must learn to be glad in whatever situation we are in because it is either a”BLESSING” or a “LESSON“.

“Give it some time because time heals” they say, but yet, we tend to cling to one thing that, in the long run may or may not be as important to us anymore.So,what is the point???It is better to take our time and at least for once, forget about all the expectations that you are told to live upto or the disappointments that you may or may have caused.What for ???Is it all just for taking your time???

Learn to embrace the chaos and give in to the truth that life is not always a bed full of roses.Do not expect that there will always be a signboard in your life directing the way you should go.You will get lost in the way and that is good because once you take your time and find the way, it will be much better as you will know the way, the best you’ve ever known.And amongst all these always remember to take your time. Catch your breath and take your time.

*Thank you all for reading my post.If you have any questions about my blog or have any kind of suggestion about what I should be writing next, you can always mention it on the comment section or your can email me your ideas.*


11 thoughts on “Take your time.

  1. Yes,I agree too People do misuse their time leaving behind all those imp things they hve already achieved. Yes,it’s all about patience,hardwork,determinaton etc. Everything in life takes time “Never give up” .Gud going AchsaπŸ‘

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  2. This is exactly what i need right now.. thank you achsa for writing this one … πŸ˜€

    Hope you continue this good work and inspire many others with your writing πŸ˜„

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  3. Very true take time !Be patient and wait and see your success !
    Good one,going good achsa take your time and see the success of your blog!

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  4. Oh yes I do agree that in this time of fastest networks we forget to recall the fact that it takes time for everything..
    Thank you for the inspirational words
    You are doing great ❀

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