In today’s world that we are living in,nothing exists without a competition.There always will be one thing or the other that we are willing to fight with in order to prove our fact or simply putting it,to prove that we are worthy of the victory.

Take the exact same thing and apply it to the education system and you will be looking right through the education system of today’s world.COMPETITION.This one word,that changed the face of education completely.With competition came the competitive exams and it brought with it a lots of extras such as pressure among the students,an agent that completely blew up the stress level that a student has to face unnecessarily.

I myself being a pre-med student,have a full access to something that I never wanted.Dreaming of becoming a doctor as a child is just as easy as dreaming to be one when you are of age,excluding the bitter truth that this time you realize that a single page will decide your worth.

Every field has competition.No matter how small or big it may be,your final result in it decides whether you have been correct all along or you were just being played to be a fool by your own dreams.Competitive exams happen to take away all the rights of many deserving candidate just because of some stupid mistake one makes while marking the bubble.

How bizzarre is it that all the hardwork you have done will just be a sweet  amnesia if you are not able to circle the correct bubble???What if you have all that you need inorder  to be that one deserving candidate but your hands worked the wrong way???What if the one whose paper decided that he was the worthy candidate,is actually someone who crammed up everysingle thing that he could just for that one day and after that it is all gone out of his brain.What then???


6 thoughts on “Competitive exams!Does it really do justice???

  1. The fruit of hard work is said to be sweet but sometimes life plays with us… instead of the sweet taste of the fruit we taste the sour taste of the sweat.
    it really depends on that one single paper… the bubbles we draw r like landmines… one wrong move *boom* we’re dead.

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  2. If you judge a monkey a fish an elephant for eg to climb the tree than what’s the result monkey will climb easily but what about fish and elephant they will spend their whole life thinking how its to be done same goes with education system and competition prevailing all over there is a difference in equality and in equity!

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  3. I guess competitive exams ceases Ur dream sometimes like you know ,we as Indians are living up to this notion and we can’t help it ,whereas in US, UK and other countries we see they can peruse anything they want to at anytime ,no tension with just a thought that there are so many ways and means to go on ………It’s not the same way here .Here carrier option is inversely prop to competition ,option less competition more.

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